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Sunday, April 2, 2023 - 12:15 am

Visa Through a Company Transfer

american flagThe L visa can permit an alien into the United States on transfer from a company abroad. Congress created the visa in April of 1970 to allow workers of companies of overseas countries and to transfer their skills to the US. Like other employment visas and Green Card, the creation of this visa us an enormous benefit to the United States economy.

The company to which the alien is transferred must be a branch of the parent, affiliate or subsidiary of the company from which the alien is transferred. The transfer is temporary with a maximum initial stay period of three years, but with a total stay period of up to five to seven years.

There are two types of L visas. There is the L-1A, which is for executives and managers of companies. It has a total stay period of seven years. Then, there is the L-1B visa for alien employees with ‘specialized knowledge’. Specialized knowledge means knowledge possessed by the employee of the company’s product, service, research etc. It permits the alien a total stay period of five years. Spouses and children of either types are accorded derivative L visa statuses.

To qualify for the visa, the employee must have worked abroad in either a managerial or executive position or performing services involving ‘specialized knowledge’. She must also be coming to work in the US in one of these capacities. In addition, she must have worked for that company for one continuous year in the three year period immediately preceding the L visa petition.

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