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Practice Areas

Swaray Law Office, LTD. offers excellent quality legal services. With over 14 years of experience in law practice, our office has produced admirable results.

We work with individuals seeking legal help in the following areas:

Our Practice areas have been carefully selected to fulfill our vision of justice and its utilitarian use for our communities. "Justice for All."

Family Law

Swaray Law Office, LTD. offers excellent quality service in Family Law. With over 14 years of experience in this area, the office has produced admirable results.

We offer services in different areas of Family law and these include the following:


One of our key specialty areas in the practice of Family Law is Divorce. We have had countless successes in assisting our clients in filling for divorce and we continue to do so.


During divorce proceedings, spouses may quality for spousal maintenance. Some of the ways in which they will qualify are if:

  • There is a disparity in division of property during divorce proceedings.
  • One of the spouses has a serious health condition.
  • There is a large disparity in income between the spouses.


We also diligently work with clients who are looking to obtain child support from their spouses and have yielded excellent results on this front.


We offer excellent services for clients who are seeking to adopt a child or children. We have filed several successful adoption cases and we work diligently to ensure success for our clients.


We also assist our clients in gaining rightful custody of their children during divorce proceedings.


Swaray Law Office also assists mothers and fathers who intend to obtain rightful support for their children from their father by filing civil action paternity suits.


For people who are experiencing domestic abuse or harassment we can help by filing Orders for Protection or Harassment Restraining Orders which gives the petitioner the relief that would guarantee safety and security from the harasser or abuser.


If you have a decision in the Family Law Trial Court that you disagree with, you can appeal your case to a higher court. Swaray Law Office can assist you in preparing and arguing your case before the appeal court.

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While family issues can be difficult, they don’t have to be – let Swaray Law Office help you make the transitions necessary for a happy family life.

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